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Supported Employment Services

Through Supported Employment Services, you can receive:

On My Own’s Supported Employment Services provides employment services to individuals with disabilities. All participants will work with an Employment Specialist to achieve their goals. The program is available to residents of Bates, Benton, Cedar, Henry, Hickory, Polk, St. Clair and Vernon Counties.

Supported Employment

Provide one-on-one learning and group experiences to further develop an individual’s general skills to succeed in paid employment. Focuses on underlying habilitation goals: Attention Span, Motor & Interpersonal Skills.

Pre-Vocational Services

Support Services to facilitate competitive work in an integrated work setting. Job coaches may assist individuals in the workplace as long as necessary.



Transportation is available for employment, activities and community services.

Career Planning

Services Include: Interest Assessment, Job Exploration, Job Shadowing, Informational Interviewing & Labor Market Research.

Community Integration

Our Employment Specialists will assist and teach participation in community activities. May Include: Volunteering, Social Events/Clubs, Recreational & Spiritual Activities.

Job Development

Assistance to provide necessary skills to gain employment. Including: Application Completion, Job Interviewing Activities & Completion of Tasks.

This program is funded by the Department of Mental Health.