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Assistive Technology is any item or device that helps the consumer remain independent. Whether it’s a specialized phone that provides captions for phone calls for consumers that have hearing difficulties, or a self stabilizing spoon for consumers who have tremors, On My Own is ready to loan out a variety of specialized equipment for any who need it. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Air Conditioner Loan Program
  • Assistive Equipment Loans
  • A Fully Stocked Demonstration Room
  • Home Automation
  • TAP Telephone and Internet Software
  • The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) is administered by Missouri Assistive Technology. This program provides specialized equipment for individuals with disabilities, and has two branches: TAP for Telephone and TAP for Internet. TAP for Telephone is a program that supplies adaptive telephone equipment for hearing, vision and mobility impairments. TAP for Internet offers adaptive computer equipment for individuals who have trouble accessing the Internet because of a disability. TAP equipment is provided free of charge to those who meet TAP requirements.

         For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a demonstration, call the SIL department at (417) 667-7007.